Vitilox Vitiligo Treatment Book

Vitiligo Treatment Book

Our Viva Vitiligo Treatment Book is a hardcopy book written by our Head Consultant, Cheryl Ferguson. This is the story of how Vitiligo can be defeated with the right treatment, support, and attitude. This easily readable book provides invaluable information about the many aspects of Vitiligo, its causes, and how the condition can be treated. It also provides information to help you navigate your way through the many myths regarding the disease, its treatment, cures and even eating habits.

The sections on stress and how important it is to cope with stress are a reminder that people with Vitiligo do have control over their condition and often make it worse by refusing to take responsibility for managing their own bodies and lives. Simple advice about diet: “Follow a healthy diet, watch what you eat, and don’t eat junk food!” cuts through all the drama, and outlines what you should and should not eat.

Best of all are the stories of real people who are living with Vitiligo and how they have learned to cope with their situation. Some of the stories are fascinating and show such a courageous journey from despair to hope and happiness that they are truly inspiring. The book offers great advice to parents about how to support and help their children and contains the most delightful story about why Gerry the Giraffe is also covered in splotches of a different colour on his skin.

The final section presents the treatments available from Vitiligo Treatment in a clear concise format that matches particular conditions to the treatments and really makes it easy for someone who wants to try out the products. While the book stems from the experiences of the Vitiligo Treatment team, the book is not a sales pitch.

The team is well-known for its empathy for those with Vitiligo and all team members see it as their calling to offer help and support at all times. Presenting the available products is helpful for those people who may feel inclined to take action to deal with their condition after reading the book. This book is an excellent read for those who have Vitiligo, who are supporting someone who has the condition, and teachers and nurses, or anyone who wants to understand the condition.

Here is the introduction from the author, our ‘Head Consultant’ – Cheryl;

“For nearly 10 years, I have been a consultant to Vitiligo Treatment. My story is very different from that of most people who care about treatment for people who suffer from Vitiligo, and I use the expression “suffer” from Vitiligo very deliberately because that is how I became a consultant for Vitiligo Treatment.

As the tenth anniversary of my work with Vitiligo Treatment is coming up, I wanted to celebrate and acknowledge the path that I have followed. This e-book tells the tale of my experiences in learning about the condition, in learning about people who have the condition, and the people I have met on my journey.

More than anything, I am hoping that Vitiligans and their supporters will find value in the information I share, interest in the stories, and help to deal with Vitiligo, whether it’s a new experience or whether you have walked a long way down this path.

Most of all, I trust my story will give you hope and courage to find joy and healing in your lives.” – Cheryl Ferguson

Here is a short preview of the subject headings:

Cheryl’s Story – Cheryl explains her own life story and her journey to becoming a consultant for Vitiligo Treatment.

Real-Life Stories – Real-life stories of people we can all relate to.

The Harsh Reality  – What is Vitiligo? What does Vitiligo look like? How does it happen? Myths and Facts? Is there a Cure?

Children’s Stories  – Great inspirational stories – ideal for child support and encouragement.

Women’s Stories  – Real-life stories – Jessica’s Story, Lerato’s Story, Sandy’s Story, A Beautiful Tale of Repigmentation.

Men’s Stories – Real-life stories – John’s Story, Kyle’s Story, Paul’s Story,

The Best Diet  – Is there a best diet? Does diet help when one has Vitiligo? Fruits and vegetables, Dairy products, Hydration, Your food diary

Providing Support  – How to provide Support, Stress in Vitiligo patients, Vitiligo Spread Prevention, Far-reaching impacts of Vitiligo, Coping strategies

Treatment – Before and After – Leaving the ‘Before’ behind, Taking the First step, Treating the Skin, After Vitiligo treatment

Products  – The different Treatments that are available for the different types of Vitiligo.

Conclusion  – World Vitiligo Day, How to live with Vitiligo, Coping with Vitiligo



This hardcopy colour book is well laid out and printed in full colour which makes it easily readable. Its chapters on Support, Diet, and Real Life Case Studies make it an excellent reference guide for anyone who has Vitiligo or is seeking more in-depth information. Here are a few illustrations from our Vitiligo Book:


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vitiligo treatment in children         vitiligo treatment support


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