Vitiligo Hands, Neck, Ankles, Elbows, Knees

Vitiligo can affect various areas of the body, including joint areas. Joint areas are places [...]

What is Genetic Vitiligo?

Genetic Vitiligo is a form of skin disorder that is inherited through genetics. Vitiligo is [...]

Vitiligo Hand & Finger Treatment

Vitiligo on the hands and fingers typically appears as patches of skin that have lost [...]

Vitiligo Finger Treatment – Case Study

Sue: Vitiligo Finger Treatment – Case Study. Vitiligo Finger Treatment – Case Study: This case [...]

Vitiligo Treatment – Fingers!

A Finger is sometimes called a digit, A Thumb is sometimes called a pollex, and [...]

Vitiligo Treatment Creams

Question: “Can I reduce the effects of Vitiligo using creams?” Answer: “Yes, you can reduce the [...]

World Vitiligo Day 2020

June 25 is World Vitiligo Day 2020. Effective Vitiligo Treatment Creams and Remedies are going [...]

Vitiligo and Hand Sanitizers

Repeated and frequent use of hand sanitizers has the potential to cause irritation to your [...]

Tips in Applying our Vitilox Pigmentation Cream

Our Vitilox Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream is our signature product. You can purchase it on its [...]

Vitiligo Hand Treatment – Case Study

The hand is essentially a ‘joint area’ of the body, and normally does take longer [...]