Vitiligo Spread Prevention is key in successful Vitiligo Treatment. Our ongoing Vitiligo assessments have shown that there are a few common causes of Vitiligo that we need to be aware of to prevent the further spread of the condition. Once the spread of Vitiligo has been slowed down or stopped, treatment results are accelerated.

  Vitiligo Spread Prevention  

Vitiligo Spread Prevention


Exfoliators can trigger Vitiligo, and also cause the spread of the condition if they are rough, or used vigorously. Some of them are abrasive and damage the skin.

We have new patients that initially see Vitiligo appearing on their feet and ankles. This is due to them washing these areas vigorously, and by doing so, damaging the skin itself.

Normally the skin is left feeling dry and even itchy after bathing. If you are predisposed to Vitiligo, this could also cause Vitiligo to trigger.

We recommend using a face cloth or ‘light’ loofah to wash yourself, and also a soap that is natural and chemical free.

Vitiligo Spread Prevention


If you do suffer from Allergies, and feel the need to scratch or rub the itch away, – Don’t! This action will lacerate and damage your skin further.

Allergies also cause the swelling under the skin and these tiny lacerations will ultimately depigment if rubbed or scratched.

Washing Detergents and Vitiligo

Washing Powder:

Harsh chemicals found in washing powder or detergents often leave residues on your clothes, and these are then subsequently transferred onto your skin.

You may notice that after dressing you get itchy around your clothing lines, waist, ankles, underarms, etc. Note that chemicals do include dyes and fragrances that are also toxic to the melanocytes that are responsible for producing your natural body pigment.

Vitiligo Treatment:

Vitiligo Spread Prevention

At Vitiligo Treatment, we have a range of products to help treat all Vitiligo conditions. Please fill out our free Vitiligo Assessment form if you would like to submit your own Vitiligo condition, and one of our consultants shall respond with the correct products for your own Vitiligo condition.


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