Question: “Can I reduce the effects of Vitiligo using creams?” Answer: “Yes, you can reduce the appearance of the white patches, and eradicate the spots and patches caused by Vitiligo”. What are the best Vitiligo Treatment Creams available and on what parts of the body are they the most effective?

We need to start at the very beginning. The specific cause of Vitiligo is not well-understood, though it seems to be the result of hereditary factors, immunological and biochemical problems, and issues arising in the nervous system. The most common cause is thought to be from an autoimmune disorder.

People with Vitiligo are thought to have otherwise healthy immune systems except for their body’s specific immune response to melanocytes. When you lose melanocytes, you get smooth, white patches on your skin or hair, which is the only physical symptom of Vitiligo.

Vitiligo Treatment Creams

When you lose melanocytes, you get smooth, white patches on your skin:

Though the condition has no other known effects on the body, the psychological and social effects are well documented.

Vitiligo is a treatable condition, and results can be achieved as soon as one or two months from the start of the treatment. It can sometimes, however, take longer for the skin to regain its pigment fully. It is vital, therefore, to start a treatment routine as early as possible, even though there are cases where people have had very good results after having had Vitiligo for several years. It is important to remember that symptoms, as well as response to treatment, will vary from person to person.

Some research studies suggest that eating healthy foods or taking supplements that contain antioxidants and certain vitamins, such as Vitamins A and E, may help care for the skin during Vitiligo treatment. This article addresses the use of creams in the treatment of Vitiligo.

Question: “Is the skin the same on all parts of the body?”

Answer: “No!” Here is a summary of the facts.

  • Face

Facial skin is particularly thin and sensitive with the skin around the eyes being even thinner and more delicate. Although the epidermis (the external layers of skin) is normally about 0.1mm thick, around the eyes it is less than 0.5mm thick. Skin pores on the face are smaller than on the rest of the body and facial skin contains a higher concentration of skin oil glands than elsewhere.

  • Hands and Feet

The skin on the hands and feet is noticeably different from that of other parts of the body. The skin on the back of the hands has hardly any fatty tissue and is especially thin and susceptible to irritation from continual handwashing and using household detergents. COVID-19 protocols dictate that people wash their hands regularly or use alcohol-based sanitisers, which unfortunately cause skin trauma and may lead to the onset of Vitiligo.

Sanitisers should only be used when soap and water are unavailable. Hands should be washed with mild soap, where possible because soap is still deemed the best cleansing agent. Soap lather forms pockets called micelles that trap and remove germs, harmful chemicals, and dirt from your hands.

The palms and soles of the feet have robust skin, rich in fatty and connective tissue.

  • Joints

Elbows, knees, and knuckles are subjected to a lot of friction and wear and tear (kneeling, brushing against rough objects and rubbing against the inside of clothing). Vitiligo patches are very often first noticed on these areas, especially for those people who are predisposed to Vitiligo i.e., if they have a close blood relative who has Vitiligo or if they have an autoimmune disease.

The joint areas are also subjected to constant motion and the skin covering the joints is continuously being stretched or twisted and forms creases in those areas. The joints are also more susceptible to skin lacerations and sports injuries. As we age, skin cell turnover declines meaning that the older skin cells remain on the surface of the skin for longer, causing topical applications to be less effective. If you exfoliate these active Vitiligo sites, be extremely gentle.

Vitiligo Treatment Creams:

Listed below are some successful treatment options that are supported by numerous case studies and anecdotal data. There is constant, sustained, and dedicated research on these creams to ensure that this range of products remains at the forefront of Vitiligo treatment.

Vitiligo Treatment Creams

Vitilox® Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream

has been formulated to re-pigment the Vitiligo affected areas of your skin.

This cream penetrates deep into the skin’s cells. The melanocytes are stimulated into releasing melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin and hair their characteristic colour. Melanin is a protein made by the cells of the skin within the lower layers of the dermis. This protein is then transported and deposited within the upper layers of the skin.

People who have more melanin tend to have darker skin compared to those who have less melanin. Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream for Vitiligo contains stimulants that are absorbed into the skin causing these cells to re-activate.

Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream has been described as the most effective cream available for the recovery of your natural skin tone. As Vitilox Pigmentation Cream only contains natural ingredients there are no known side effects. It is 100% safe.

Here is a short summary of the ingredients and the products’ preservative performance. The main ingredients of our Vitilox® Cream are Kalahari melon and avocado oils, Xanthum gum, shea butter, vegetable glycerine, Vitamin E, lipoproteins and oligoelements. Because all the ingredients are natural, there is no itching or burning associated with the use of these products.

The Vitilox® range of products are entirely paraben-free (methylparaben, ethyl paraben, propylparaben, and butylparaben).

All ingredients in the Vitilox® range are natural and safe.


Vitilox® Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream is best applied to the affected areas of your body once or twice a day, after bathing. When your skin is still warm, dry the area completely before applying the cream. Gently rub a small amount into the affected areas, ensuring that the cream penetrates the skin.

The cream will not leave a greasy residue but will penetrate deep into the inner layer of your skin and will remain active for up to 24 hours after application. If you are treating your face and use a makeup or cover cream, you can safely use these foundations after first applying the Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream.

Vitiligo Treatment Creams

Vitilox® Vitiligo Rapid Eye

treatment has been formulated for the sensitive skin area around your eyes and on the eye lids.

Clinical studies have shown excellent repigmentation results on areas around the mouth, as well as small, stubborn spots on other parts of the body. Vitilox® Vitiligo Rapid Eye treatment requires only a small amount of cream for each application, so the product lasts a long time.

Vitiligo patches on the face are the most visible because the face, eyes and mouth are the areas that people notice first, especially when they are close. This product has been formulated to treat the white spots around the eyes, outer lips, ear lobes and other early spots on the face, quickly and safely.


Wash the face with warm water and dry it gently and thoroughly before applying the Vitilox® Vitiligo Rapid Eye treatment. Note that when applying this product only a very small amount of the product is required on the white Vitiligo patches. Application is advised twice a day, in the mornings and evenings.

Vitiligo Treatment Creams

Vitilox® Cover Cream & Setting Powder Kit

is a revolutionary new Vitiligo face and body application.

This product kit has been formulated to effectively conceal Vitiligo patches. It is waterproof, sweatproof, and is used as a camouflage to effectively conceal the Vitiligo spots and patches. Formulated in collaboration with a make-up artist, this product, with its concentration of high-performance pigments, is long-lasting (up to 24 hours), smudge-proof, and does not fade throughout the day.

It is transfer-resistant, especially when used in conjunction with the Vitilox® Setting Powder. It also provides a broad-spectrum SPF 35 component for ultimate UV skin protection. This full-coverage foundation glides on easily and blends with the surrounding skin completely. Unlike other cover creams, Vitilox® Cover Cream can be lightened or darkened to match any skin shade by way of application.

Choose a colour from one of six available shades. If in doubt as to what colour shade to use, it is best to choose a shade slightly darker than your natural skin tone and layer the colour to form the perfect colour match. This product is suitable for all ethnic groups and skin shades. It is also suitable for use with most sports activities.


Dab the Vitilox® Cover Cream onto the affected area and use gentle, circular movements to melt the beeswax in the cream, ensuring smooth, thorough coverage. Apply the Vitilox® Setting Powder, leave for two minutes and brush off excess powder. The Vitilox® Cover Cream, Brush and Vitilox® Setting Powder are supplied together in a kit form.

This product can also be applied over the Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream whilst treatment of the face or other parts of the body is underway.

Remember, Vitiligo can be Treated:

Vitiligo can be treated, and it is important to keep perceptions in line with reality! Commitment and adherence to the available treatment options are important when managing Vitiligo. Medications and light-based therapies exist to help restore skin colour or even out skin tone.

Living with Vitiligo can be challenging! After you have been diagnosed, deal with your emotions and find a solution. Get support from a reputable Vitiligo treatment specialist and embark on a specific treatment plan – one that is sustainable for you.

At Vitiligo Treatment we offer a large range of products to help treat most Vitiligo conditions. This is one of the factors that has contributed to our success in Treating Vitiligo.

We do have a combination of products formulated to treat Low, Medium, and High Vitiligo body coverage. Contact one of our consultants or read more on our website for information pertaining to your own Vitiligo condition.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information pertaining to this article – Vitiligo Treatment Creams – or require any additional detailed information on our products.


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