People suffering with the Vitiligo condition develop white and irregularly shaped patches on different areas of the body. Vitiligo is caused when the body’s immune system attacks melanocytes. Melanocytes are melanin-producing cells that are responsible for our skin tone. Vitiligo treatment and follow-up maintenance of the condition are discussed below.

Vitiligo and Pigmentation
Absence of Pigmentation – Vitiligo

Vitiligo Treatment Options

Our Treatment range includes treatment for joint areas, high body coverage, low body coverage, genetically caused Vitiligo as well as face and lip treatment. We also have products suitable for children who suffer from Vitiligo.

We focus on treating not only the areas of de-pigmented skin but also on the stress caused by Vitiligo as well as the underlying immune deficiency.

From our feedback, we generally find that it takes roughly 3 weeks to see results. These results will generally be small freckles appearing within the white patches. However, we have had report backs of pigmentation starting within the first 2 weeks of treatment.

Unfortunately, people with high body coverage, and long-standing Vitiligo, in general, will take up to 4 months. Pigmentation may be a slow but steady process but saying this we have had remarkable cases of full restoration in under 6 weeks.

Please check out our VIDEOS showing the patient’s own proof of recovery. However, saying this the time required to obtain and restore your natural skin tone or colour will vary from one person to another.


Vitiligo Treatment & Follow Up Product Options

Vitiligo Treatment offers a range of products that will successfully treat Vitiligo.

Our product range includes our revolutionary Vitilox Pigmentation Cream. Vitilox Pigmentation Cream works because it stimulates the melanocytes beneath the surface of the skin. Thereby being able to produce melanin once again.

Our oral range consists of Vitilox Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid, Vitilox T-Cell-V and PMF Management capsules. Vitilox Serum, Bath Salts and Lip Balm are among our popular products.

UVB lamps are also available on our site. Vitilox Cover Cream gives you the advantage of covering your Vitiligo spots or patches while treatment is in progress.

Once the pigment has returned we advise using the Vitilox Serum to smooth and even the skin tone.

Remember that together with the restoration of your natural skin tone so too will your confidence return!

Can Vitiligo Return After Treatment

Many patients ask if there is a possibility of vitiligo returning after treatment.

The answer to that is yes. Vitiligo can manifest in other areas of the body – though it is highly unlikely to return to the treated areas.

Vitiligo Treatment Follow Up Recommendations

As Vitiligo patients generally lack Vitamin B and Folic acid, which gives rise to the onset of Vitiligo, we recommend continuing with these tablets for at least 6 months after treatment. As a maintenance treatment, these tablets can safely be taken for life. In fact, they will continue to boost your energy levels and reduce your stress.

We hope this article has been useful to you. Please contact us at Vitiligo Treatment for any concerns you may still have.

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